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TEAM 2022


Jari Triboldi

37 years old

Italy (val Aosta valley)

Leader of Chamjé Khola expedition 2018, 2019, CIC professional canyoning guide, Climbing Guide - Rescue 3 International - White Water Rescue, HCT´s member.

Experience: Nepal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Austria...etc.



Benjamin Schumacher

33 years old


Canyon guide for CanyonAddict in France. Trainer for the French Alpine club.

Experience: France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia. ... etc.



Louis Rogissart

29 years old


International Canyoning Instructor, Rope Acces Work (Don bosco, Wirijk, Belgium), HCTś member.

Experience: Monte Negro, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Colorado, Canada. ... etc.


Olda Stos

50 years old

Czech rep.

Leader of Chamjé Khola expedition 2018, Nepal 2021, UCA International Canyoning Trainer, Climber, Cave Rescuer, Paramedic, HCT´s member.

Experience: Nepal, Reunion, Mauretania, Mexico, France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Balkan countries ... etc.


Jerome Normand

44 years old


Anesthesiologist and intensivist doctor specialised in medicalization of expedition in isolated environments (Nepal, Morocco, India, Deeptime French caving expedition). Member of the French Federal Caving Rescue Organisation - Spéléo Secourse France.

Experience: France, Corsica, Réunion Island, Switzerland, Madera ... etc.


Gregor Zakel

35 years old


International Canyoning Guide, Caving guide, Industrial climbing, Canyoning exploring in the Austrian Alps.

Experience: Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Mallorca. ... etc.


Jake Huddleston

29 years old

USA (Seattle, WA)

Canyon explorer in the Pacific Northwest, USA with 45+ first descents, Canyon leader and instructor for "The Mountaineers". Professional photographer and filmmaker.

Experience: USA, Canada, New Zealand ... etc.



Maximilian Schuh

26 years old


Canyoning explorer, Climber, Tyrolean and Germany Canyoning Guide.

Experience: France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia. ... etc.



Katka Hebnarova

40 years old

Czech rep.

UCA International Canyoning Guide, secretary of  Czech Association of the Canyoning, support part of the Nepales expedition, HCT´s member.

Experience: Monte Negro, Albania, Balkan countries, Nepal, Switzerland, Italy, Madeira, Mallorca, Morocco ... etc.

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