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In order to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of Chamjé Khola, the Himalayan Canyon Team met in Lozère, France. From this meeting was born a "canyoning fiction" inspired the famous movie Mad Max.


"In an ancient time, the dry lands around the big canyon of Chassezac were populated by only 1 tribe, the Zaks. They were governed by the cruel yet sensual queen Zakara, whose beauty and power, she thought, solely relied on the fine golden glitter that was only found in the deeps of the canyon pools.
The Zaks were turned into slaves, tasked with collecting the invaluable substance for the queen. Because of their knowledge of the canyon and their skills in moving around all its hidden recesses, they thought they were masters at getting their way through it.
But one day, they got challenged by the most famous thief alive: James Marzak."

Laurent Triay filmed all the shots in 2 days; created the music, recorded and mixed it in 4. What an amazing achievement (and mostly fun moment)!

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