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Settled near the Tibetan border, in the Bhote Koshi valley (Poiqu in Tibet), the HCT opened 5 new canyons in 2008, then amounting to a total of 22 since 2003. On top of that, 18 local young guides had been trained and been delivered the very first Nepalese canyoning guide certifications through the newly formed organization Nepal Canyoning Association (NCA).


Two new areas have been spotted for future expeditions, the Helumbu region and Manaslu massif. Being located in the planet's highest mountain range, Nepal obviously has the prerequisites to become a canyoning heaven for all canyoning lovers, and that's what the team has had in their minds since they started working there.

In mid-March, the team returned with hours of raw footage of the 4 years spent exploring canyons in Nepal and discovering the local culture.

During 40 minutes, the film focuses on depicting the global spirit of the team throughout these different expeditions, captures the highlights of the technical training sessions but also shows the stunning scenery of the Sun Kosi river and the valley of Bhote Khosi, as well as the entirety of the Fangfung Khola descent.

Film directed by Les Productions du Possible

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