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An original production filmed during the 2011 International Meeting of Canyoning (RIC 2011) in Nepal, by the État d’Esprit crew, in association with Himalayan Canyon Team.

During 2 weeks Adrien, Ivan, Romain, David and Juliette from Dijon (in France), came to the RIC 2011 in order to create their first sports documentary, about an activity they had just started and quickly fell in love with: Canyoning.


RIC 2011 took stage in Germu and Syange, in the Marshyangdi valley, in the Annapurna massif. At this time, a road had just finished building a slightly above Syange; it transformed the business of the valley and the villages around saw the number of hikers decrease.


This movie is about discovering this amazing location in Nepal, meeting the local population, and exploring some of the canyons of the area.

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