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Offering our canyoning skills to the Nepalese

Creation of a "universal and free" online canyoning course to stimulate the socio-economic development of the activity in the Himalayas

The HCT's educational approach:

During each HCT expedition in Nepal, the team has tried to train young locals in the practice of canyoning. This is not always easy because of the language barrier and sometimes illiteracy.

On the one hand, it was necessary to write and adjust specific training content that is essential for the development of this sport in the Himalayas. And on the other hand, to collaborate in the structuring of the "Nepal Canyoning Association" (NCA) in order to perpetuate its actions (training, equipment and material, rescue...)...

The HCT has thus become an associative model for the support of solidarity projects of presential training in the vast field of sustainable development of canyoning in the world.

The current context:

In the last two years, the health crisis (Covid) has significantly slowed down the world economy and therefore all HCT projects (among other things linked to the halt in air travel). As a result, face-to-face training in Nepal suddenly stopped. Today, the HCT is wondering about the balance and validity of "international solidarity and environmental impact".

Faced with these difficulties, the HCT team of trainers had to look for a solution that was economically viable for all, but still in line with its ethical approach...

The HCT response and its ULULE project:

This is how they developed an innovative distance learning concept using a language for all.

- Recording of video lessons: in a format of small "clips/lessons", designed to transmit canyoning techniques. They are filmed in the natural setting of the canyons, by professional instructors who base their teaching on a learning method recognised throughout the world (©Universal Canyoning Academy).

- Creation of a universal language: without borders or language barriers (©Learning Universal Language), intuitive and self-teaching (no voice-over, no subtitles), composed of pictograms, visual and sound effects.

- Compilation of "peda packs": on a scalable platform that will eventually allow the dissemination of different technical levels, at a lower cost, and for the largest number.

- Free of charge for Nepal: thanks to the ULULE fund, the HCT patrons and the funds indirectly generated by the mediation of the opening expeditions of giant canyons in the Himalayas.

- Complemented by a quality follow-up: by collecting feedback from the local canyon community during the presence of the HCT expedition teams in Nepal (2 actions in 1 trip).

Thanks to these innovative virtual training materials in a universal language, the HCT can revive the dynamics of its educational activities by offering its "video packs" to current and future Nepalese trainees. Its philosophy is adapted to the new environmental and geopolitical constraints imposed by the various successive crises the world is going through.

However, the HCT remains an association whose financial means are limited to its members' contributions. And it does not have the means to finance the entirety of such an audio-visual project. The research and design part of the project has already been completed and a number of videos have already been filmed... but there is still a lot of production work to be done and filming in an aquatic environment is expensive.

This is why the HCT is asking for your support in this collaborative and participatory project.

So don't wait! and become an essential sponsor!

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